Monday, June 18, 2012

Color Change

Hello friends, hope all had a great father's day weekend with their families. We sure enjoyed our weekend and even though I enjoyed time with my husband and daughters, I had plenty of time to craft.

On Friday I found several things at Wal-Mart to use and refresh with some Mod Podge. I am so excited to share with you this week all the Mod Podge projects I worked on this weekend.

First, I worked on some votive candle holders that I already had. The holders look good the way they are but I am always looking to add color to items in my house. These votive holders where no exception they are white so I wanted to add a touch of color.

Instead of painting the holders I wanted to change the color of the glass. I took Mod Podge and added food coloring. I then painted the mixture onto the outside of the glass. Once dry, the yellow food coloring turned the glass into a gold color.

I think the splash of color really helps the butterflies and flowers stand out. And the glow from the candles look really nice. Since I'm not sure about how much heat the Mod Podge can withstand, I use the battery operated candles.

Where would you use this Mod Podge technique?

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