Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wooden Spool Wreath

I wanted to make something with old wooden spools, the problem was going to be finding the spools. So one day our family went on the hunt in an antique store in a neighboring town. With everyone on the look out for spools we found some (two big ziplock bags full) of both the large and small wooden spools.

We even found a bonus! This Big wooden spool. Our family had so much fun at the antique store. We always find things that bring back memories.

Anyway, once I had the spools I had to decide what to make. I found a spool wreath on a Hobby Lobby inspiration sheet. You can find my inspiration here online with Hobby Lobby.

 I wrapped and glued the middle of the spools with scrapbook paper. I used four colors that went with my decor.

I wrapped a wire wreath with ribbon. Be sure to glue the ribbon onto the wreath because the spools become heavy and will pull the ribbon off the wire if it is not secured.

Hot glue the bigger spools onto the wreath first. There will be gaps that can be filled in later.

I then used the small spools to fill in the gaps and make the wreath look fuller.

Here is my spool wreath. I have more spools and can't wait to try some of the other ideas in the Hobby Lobby project sheet.

What do you think? What have you made with old spools?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for instructions on how to make this.