Sunday, May 13, 2012

Graduation Bunting

I have not one but two loved ones graduating this week. I am so proud of them both. My oldest daughter is graduating from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and my husband is graduating with his Masters from the University of Oklahoma. I wanted to create something special that the whole family could see and enjoy through the week.

For inspiration I headed to the place everyone goes, Pinterest.

 I found this bunting from Japanistic Blog

The inspiration is paper bunting with washi tape used to decorate the bunting. With the pinspiration I need to make a graduation bunting, I grabbed my supplies and got started.

Like the Pinterest post, I used paper for the bunting and letters and decorated the bunting with washi tape. Since I was decorating for graduates from two schools, I used the school colors from both schools. I used green and white for "Grads" and crimson and cream (I prefer orange and black) for "2012".

After cutting out the bunting and letters, I placed the washi tape and then glued on the letters.

I made a special flag for both grads with a picture and washi tape.

It was a great surprise for them when they came in the door. And I had so much fun making something special for us all to enjoy.

Are you making something special for a graduate?

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  1. Super Cute Idea! Saw you linked up to the Pinspired & Rewind! Great job!