Monday, September 17, 2012

County Fair

It's fall and that means it's time to go to the fair! I really like going to our County Fair. Our family went to the County Fair on Saturday and had a great time. It was a overcast and threatening rain but it turned out cool and nice. There is something for everyone at the fair.

I love to look at all the exhibits. Adults and kids have put a lot of hard work into their entries in the fair. There was lots of canned food, breads, cookies, and cakes. I enjoyed looking at the photography, drawings, paintings, and craft projects. My favorite are the quilts.

 There where so many quilts in all sizes, colors and patterns.

I loved the quilt in the middle. It was black and white with colorful scraps making the flowers.

What's a Fair without fried food? Fried ribbon potatoes covered with nacho cheese and ranch dressing is my  husband favorite. Fried pickles, fried candy bars, and corn dogs are some of our other favorites. And of course we had to have cotton candy.

Then there are the rides. But after everything we ate no one really felt up to riding.

Are you planing a trip to a State or County Fair? What is your favorite fair food?

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